International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics

Volume 8, Issue 1, March 2022

  • Direct Approach for Solving Second Order Delay Differential Equations Through a Five-Step with Several Off-grid Points

    Familua A. B.

    Issue: Volume 8, Issue 1, March 2022
    Pages: 1-23
    Received: 30 May 2021
    Accepted: 15 October 2021
    Published: 5 February 2022
    DOI: 10.11648/j.ijamtp.20220801.11
    Abstract: This paper presents a direct approach for numerical solution of special second order delay differential equations (DDEs) directly without reduction to systems of low orders. The methods were generated using collocation approach via a combination of power series and exponential function. The approximate basis functions are interpolated at the first ... Show More
  • Density Functional Theory Study for Structure and Electronic Properties of Graphene and Boron Doped Graphene

    Abdullahi Bappha Ahmed, Mansur Said, Abdussalam Balarabe Suleiman

    Issue: Volume 8, Issue 1, March 2022
    Pages: 24-29
    Received: 1 January 2022
    Accepted: 25 January 2022
    Published: 9 February 2022
    DOI: 10.11648/j.ijamtp.20220801.12
    Abstract: For world's energy demand is to be met in the future, engineers and scientists must work on developing methods and materials for storing and producing power. Since the very discovery of this novel material (Graphene) it has piqued the interest of researchers due to its low cost, reduced weight, unique nano-surface patterns, electrical capabilities,... Show More